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Our History:

MTC Marketing Research is a UK based company and MRS Company Partner. It started 15 years ago as a full service marketing research agency in Southern Africa. 

OurCore Business:

The company provides consultancy in 'tailor-made' traditional marketing and opinion research, utilising both on/offline techniques. We provide services that quality focused brands derive evidence from, for informing strategic corporate decision-making.

Professional Network Associations:
We abide to the ethics and code of conduct set down by our professional industry bodies
  • MRS & AQR
Our capabilities:

Tailor-made research,
Strategic recommendations,
Risk reduction concept, 
Balance scorecard concept.
Research methods we use: 
  • Desk
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Observation
Chosen method used in dealing with business situation depends on whether research problem is:
Exploratory |Descriptive |Causal

Research Data:

To achieve research objectives, we work with both secondary and primary data depending on the research question or requirements of a project.

Our aim is to help our clients

  1. Achieve more with their brands by providing actionable and insightful research.
  2. Design research programs that explore, probe and challenge conventional thinking. 
  3. Assess market potential by bringing the voice of the customer into the boardroom.
  4. Study their competitive landscape.
Our Client Promise: 

We aim to provide clients with: 

Relevant | Reliable |Objective | Clear | Detailed | Usable | Reporting 

  • UK 
  • Africa